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The Aquarel DUO water cup and paint palette is designed primarily to provide all the users with carefree enjoyment of artistic expression, clean work spaces, artwork and even clothing. It is a 2 in 1 product – a water cup and a paint palette in one. The palette that is part of the cup facilitates the organization of the work space and increases the work space.

Inadvertent rolls of ordinary water cups are the nightmares of each student and teacher and often disturb the entire process of painting. With the Aquarel DUO, overturns are disabled due to the suction bottom of a cup. It is necessary to slightly wet the surface before placing the cup and forget about the fear and caution of its overturning.

The pallet is removable and can be used as a separate product.

The palette in the middle has a hole with grooves for easier water draining from the paint brush and is equipped with six separate paint boxes.


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